The Application of Rank Them Random Schedule to improve the skills of conducting Assessment for Learning and generalization of student achievement among trainee teachers.

14/02/2019 01:18


Assessment during the teaching and learning process is relevant for the purpose of improving teacher and pupil learning. Based on the experience of supervising practicum it is found that trainee teacher does not implement assessment for learning (AfL) for each teaching step due to the overwhelming number of pupils. Hence this study aims to improve the skills of implementing AfL among trainee teachers. This qualitative study uses an action research method that involves 24 trainee teachers as research participants set by the Practicum Unit to researchers to be guided. Researcher have built the so-called Rank Them Random Schedule to help participants implement AfL. The research data was obtained from the anecdotal report of research observers on teaching and learning practices in the field, structured interviews with participants, lesson plan document and participants' special reflection. The collected data were analyzed using NVIVO8 software to build the main themes to answer the research questions. The study has found that after the guidance process, the use of the Rank Them Random Schedule has successfully enhanced participants skills to build student classification tests, build the Rank Them Random Schedule, implement AfL efficiently and make more meaningful reflections through the generalization of student achievement. The findings of this study are expected to assist the coaches to carry out effective, focused and structured guidance. Interested researchers can make further research in the field of AfL as there is less research focusing on this field.


This paper had been presented in 1st International Symposium TS25 Pulau Indah Klang, Malaysia on 23rd February 2019.