Hubungan tahap kefahaman peradaban dengan amalan dialog peradaban dalam kalangan pelajar PISMP IPG Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim.

30/05/2017 07:12

A relationship between Understanding and Level of Practice Civilizational Dialogue Among Bachelor of Education Students at Institue of Teacher Education Sultan Abdul Halim Campus


Md Zuki Bin Hashim¹

IPG Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim





Lately found many people often raise sensitive issues of civilization very risky sparking racial strife in Malaysia whether through verbal statements or physical actions. This issue has posed a challenge to the education system in Malaysia, particularly in terms of the role of teachers to realize the concept of education for solidarity. Thus, this study aims to detect the level of understanding about culture and civilizatioanal dialogue practices and the relationship between both among trainees who will be entrusted with the responsibility to foster unity in the workplace in the future. This study is a survey research. The sample is 57 students of Bachelor of Education Takeout June 2015. Data were collected through questionnaires completed by the subjects. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study found that overall understanding of civilization is at a high level. Practice civilizational dialogue among respondents also are at high level, which includes the practice of goodwill, sharing practice, practice of positive attributes and practice of interaction. Some items available requires special attention because it is at a moderate level, namely the tendency to greet a different race or religion people (goodwill), share stationery and living room with friends of different race and religion (partnership) and the discussion of issues of racism with a friend or lecturers of different nationalities and religions (interaction). The study also found that there is a significant, positive and strong relationship between the understanding of civilization with civilizational dialogue practices.


Keywords: civilizational dialogue, the practice of goodwill, the interaction


Kertas ini telah dibentang dalam International Conference on Global Education V anjuran Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia dan Universitas Ekasakti di Universitas Ekasakti, Padang, Indonesia pada 10-11 April 2017.